Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turning Point of my life...

While there are many moments that has inspired me in my life, there are certainly a few that were the turning points of my life. One of the biggest one is moving to America and the other was going for a study abroad program to Dubai, U.A.E for five months. Those five months has taught me many things as a person and taught be to be independent.
            During those five months, I was able to absorb and understand cultures other than ours and got to know how other countries are different from America. U.A.E. being a Muslim country runs differently than ours. Many things that the religion considers bad, are actually part of their law, and they follow it according to Quran. To me, that was amazing because I felt like this country had the facilities that America does but yet they follow the religion and it’s a safe place to live. To me, Dubai, seemed like a combination of the east and west and that’s what I loved about it. I dressed how I wanted to and no one gave dirty looks. There were many places to explore, and the college that attended was amazing.

            This trip made me grow as a person, where I realized what I wanted for my future and where I want to live. Even though living in America I don’t face any hardships, other than some stereotypes, but I don’t like the culture here. I disagree with many things in our American culture and I want to change those for the future generations. Growing up in Pakistan for half of my life and rest in America, I feel like I’m a combination of east and west too, therefore for me the best place to live would be Dubai, UAE.